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3 years - $99.95 per domain name;
5 years - $155.95 per domain name;

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This charge is for the work order I am creating and is not reversable or refundable.
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I understand that I must pay for each domain name entered above
I agree to pay the above total amounts according to card issuer agreement.
I understand I will not receive a refund if I mis-order the number of years for the registration term
I understand that Private Registration Services are an additional service.
I understand that this is an option I do not have to take.
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  1 year   - US$12.00 per domain name;
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  5 years - US$60.00 per domain name;
10 years - US$120.00 per domain name
I agree to pay for this optional additional service if I select it.
I understand that I will not receive a refund if I order this additional service and change my mind later.
Applies to .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .asia, .ag, .bz, .cc, .ch, .co, .cx, .cz, .gd, .gs, .hn, .la, .lc, .li, .me, .mn, .ms, .sc, .tc, .tv, .vc, .vg, .ws only
I agree that I am responsible for the spelling of the domain name(s) I am ordering.
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I understand I will not receive a refund if I mis-spell a domain name
I agree with the terms indicated in the Service Agreement

Register your .co today!

.CO Domain Names
  • Anyone can register a .CO domain name
  • Associated globally with the words "COmpany," "COrporation" and "COmmerce" - the .CO domain is easy to recognize, simple to remember and flexible to use. And that makes it the perfect platform for today's socially networked individuals and entrepreneurs to create COmmunities, share COntent, and to COnnect, COmmunicate and COllaborate online.
  • .CO - Columbia, to be used for commercial and personal sites
  • Use only letters, numbers, or hyphen ("-") (two hyphens together are not permitted)
  • Cannot begin or end with a hyphen
  • Spaces and special characters are never permitted
  • Must have at least 3 characters, but no more than 63, not including .CO
  • The name must not be in the list of reserved names
  • Register from 1 to 5 years
  • Private Registration Allowed
  • The .co domain is intended for use by the general public, companies or other organizations and can be used in the same way as a .com domain name can be used.

  • Why do I want a domain name ending with .co?
    • .CO is a truly global, recognizable and credible domain
    • .CO gives businesses and brands the chance to create a worldwide footprint
    • .CO is relevant to individuals, businesses and organizations
    • .CO is meaningful, memorable and intuitive to use for people around the world
    • .CO appeals to today's socially-networked individuals and entrepreneurs
    • .CO is poised to become the world's next premier Web address
    • .CO offers more choices in branding an online presence with a truly global, recognizable and credible option for a Web address. It's the online space where possibility meets opportunity; where people can fulfill their dreams and the world's next great enterprises will have a home

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